Modern LED-Light Solutions Made in Styria

In mid 2012, the company “LED & Co helle Köpfe GmbH” took up residence in the municipality of Hainersdorf in Eastern Styria. Development-, production- and distribution-facilities for innovative LED-Light-Solutions were built.

All of our products carry the label "Made in Austria". Being the only producer of LED lighting in all of Styria (and also in Austria as a whole the producers are few and far apart), we provide customized street-, indoor- and object-illumination for municipalities and industrial enterprises.

With LED & Co, all products are developed, designed, produced and assembled within the company; from housing via heat sink to assembly, - all from one source.

A Rapidly Growing Market

We carried out a market analysis, which confirms that the regional value will be increasingly important both at the community level as well as on the part of companies. The advantage of our product is that we can customize the right luminaire at each light body. Thus we can work cheaper, because we merely change the lighting to LED technology.

We have brought a high-tech product on the market that by only one single luminaire results in a saving in CO2 emissions of 135 kg.

A high growth potential for LED & Co GmbH is also seen in the fact that municipalities have to renovate their street lighting in accordance with EU Regulation 2017, and that electricity prices are steadily rising.

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